Summer Friday

Big Sur

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We find you the perfect spot that fits your budget and style. For this trip we booked the king room, because we knew it's the only room that can fit a cot and accommodate 3 guest. 

Glen Oaks - This motel turned trendy, retro-inspired stay is perfect for your Big Sur getaway. Not too rustic, still has that woodsy charm with beautiful grounds and fireplaces in every room. At $295/night, this will set you back $655 total. 


Every day of your trip is perfectly curated to fit your interests. We plan at least one restaurant, drink, and activity per day.

Day 1 - December 16

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On your drive in, stop for lunch at La Bicyclette in Carmel by the Sea, for bistro food in a cozy setting.

After checking into the hotel, check out Pfeiffer beach. With no signage off highway 1, this is one of the hidden gems in Big Sur. Go during low tide, bring $10 cash for parking. This is also a great spot for a picnic.  

Get to Nepenthe early to catch the view and put your name in for dinner. You'll wait an hour, but the basket of blankets and fire pit will keep you warm and distracted. The food is pretty good, but it's the views here that can't be beat. Same spot has a cafe type option, Cafe Kevah.

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Day 2 - December 17

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Start your day with free donuts and coffee at Glen Oaks restaurant Roadhouse

Then head to Andrew Molera State Park, you could do several hikes here but we'd recommend either 'Bluffs Trail' or walking 'Beach Hiking'. For an afternoon inland hike in Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park check out Valley View Overlook 2 miler

Finish off your day at Big Sur Bakery, our favorite spot in Big Sur. Great food and a real institution of the area, you'll want to move there and make bread for a living. Reservations are set for 7pm

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Day 3 - December 18 

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Start with breakfast at Deetjen's, a classic spot with a ton of charm

Then drive to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park and do the McWay Falls 'hike', probably the most iconic scenery in the area. Before checking out be sure to walk the Glen Oaks grounds, they are beautiful and have private sitting areas by the creek

Lunch at Ripplewood cafe, next door to your hotel. This spot has a divey dinner feel that makes it lovable, we recommend ordering any of the mexican items on the menu

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We provide a budget breakdown, so you'll know what will be charged to your card upfront, and what you have left to spend
In your itinerary you'll be able to make as many edits as there are days in your trip. For example, since this trip is 3 days, you could make up to 3 edits at no additional cost. Add-ons can be found here