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We find you the perfect spot that fits your budget and style. For this trip we booked the basic room in a nicer hotel. It was more important for this couple to have luxe amenities with a prime location over a high-end room

Hotel la Perouse Nice - Four star hotel sitting on a cliff overlooking the city and the ocean. The economy room is $275/night. Total of $552 



Every day of your trip is perfectly curated to fit your interests. We plan at least one restaurant, drink, and activity per day

Day 1 - April 21 - Nice 

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After arriving, picking up your rental car and checking in, eat at Le Bistrot d'Antoine a classic french bistro in old town, reservations at 7pm


Day 2 - April 22 -Nice

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Start your day with complimentary breakfast at your hotel

Then take the scenic route (about 45 minutes) along the Côte d'Azur to the small village of La Turbia. Have lunch at Cafe De La Fontaine, Michelin Guide recommended and for good reason, reservations at 12:30pm. Explore the village for the afternoon or drive a little further down the coast to Monaco

Make it back to Nice in time for a sunset drink or coffee at La Terrace on the roof of Le Méridien hotel. Grab pizza at one of the many spots on Boulevard Victor Hugo or Promenade des Anglais

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Day 3 - April 23 - Nice / Paris 

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Hit that complimentary breakfast at your hotel again

Then explore Vieille Ville, the old town of Nice. Make sure to make it to Colline du Chateau for some great views. Quick lunch at Café Marché. Head to the airport to catch the 14:55 flight to Paris on EasyJet for $78

After checking into your Airbnb (more info below) grab dinner at L'Avant Comptoir, a standing-only tapas bar. If you’re up for the experience, this is one of our favorite spots in Paris. Walk in past the crêpe stand and find your way to the bar in back to order from the extensive menu options hanging from the ceiling. Ask the bartender to pick your wine for you, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time

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Paris Lodging

Love AirBnB? Us too. We'll find you that perfect, oh-so-authentic, feel-like-you-live-there-spot  

Airbnb in the historical Saint-Germain-des-près neighborhood of the 6th arrondissement. At $160/night, your total comes to $724

Day 4 - April 24 - Paris

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Walk to breakfast at Au Petit Suisse a classic Parisian cafe conveniently located right outside your first destination, the Luxembourg gardens. Walk around the grounds and bring a book to enjoy

Then walk to Shakespeare & Company, a famous bookstore on the Left Bank that opened in 1919. Grab an ice cream at Berthillon Glacier and walk along the Seine, you will easily hit some of the city’s best sites along the way

Dinner at Le Grand Bain, great sharable plates. Reservations at 7:30. For an evening drink, walk to La Buvette, a cool kids wine bar/shop

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Day 5 - April 25 - Paris

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Take the metro to Season, a juice bar/ coffee shop/ breakfast spot

After eating, explore the super trendy Le Marais neighborhood, you'll find great boutiques and galleries on every block. A must is Merci, a concept store, cafe, restaurants, etc, you'll find beautiful things and people here

Grab an afternoon drink or coffee at Cafe de Flor, an iconic cafe near your Airbnb. It's not cheap, so I wouldn't plan a meal here

Dinner at Crêperie de Josselin, for you know, crêpes. Cash only

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Day 6 - April 26 - Paris

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Coffee at Ten Belles, a third wave coffee shop in the 11th arrondissement, which has a Brooklyn vibe. Check out the shops and cute stores around there and walk along the canal saint-martin

Have lunch at Aux Deux Amis, a super fun, boisterous and damn good spot

After eating, head to Centre Pompidou, a modern art museum known for its wild architecture and world class modern collection. Don't forget to check out the roof for great views

Grab drinks and a cheese plate at La Palette, the staff is rude and chic, it's one of our favs

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Make your last stop breakfast at Cafe Coutume, before heading to the airport. 


We're sad vacation's over too. 

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We provide a budget breakdown, so you'll know what will be charged to your card upfront, and what you have left to spend
In your itinerary you'll be able to make as many edits as there are days in your trip. For example, since this trip is 7 days, you could make up to 7 edits at no additional cost. Add-ons can be found here