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stockholm - bergen - copenhagen

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stockholm lodging

We find you the perfect spot to stay that fits your budget and style

Haymarket- This recently remodeled art-deco inspired hotel is centrally located in Stockholm. Only setting you back $88/night, your total for four nights will be $352

Day 1 - August 17 - Stockholm

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Drop your bags off at your hotel and head to Snickarbacken 7, for a treat. It's a cafe, gallery, and concept store. Cafe opens at 9, Store opens at 11

Other shopping at Illums, a department store with Danish design and Byredo, which specializes in fragrance. After checking into your hotel, walk Gamla Stan (old town) and grab a drink at Corner Club after 5pm. Dinner at Taverna Brillo followed by drinks at wine bar Tyge & Sessil

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Day 2 - August 18 - Stockholm


Start with a treat at Vete-Katten bakery

Then head to Vasastan neighborhood for the galleries. Start with Sven-Harrys and be sure to check the roof-top. Then pop into Acne Archive around the corner. Portal is a good option for lunch. If you are feeling up to it, take the metro to Fotografiska a contemporary photography museum

Dinner at PA&Co, reservations at 7:30. Cocktails at Teater Grillen (wear heels)

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Day 3 - August 19 - Stockholm


Start with coffee and croissant at Pom & Flora

Then head to Djurgarden, a garden with lots of sites and monuments. Lunch and tour at Rosendals Tradgard, a biodynamic farm and cafe. After lunch take the ferry to Nya Carnegiebryggeriet, a microbrewery in partnership with Brooklyn Brewery

Pizza for dinner at Babette and drinks at Erlands for cocktails. If you are looking for more nightlife, check out Tradgarden


Day 4 - August 20 - Stockholm

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Spend the day at Artipelag. This place is like Dia Beacon, if it had its own island and was Scandi. Instructions on how to get there by boat here

Get a drink at Artipelag. Has a few options for eating and drinking, some more casual then others

Cheap burgers for dinner at at Vigarda. After dinner drinks at lilla baren


Day 5 - August 21 - Stockholm

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Start at Drop Coffee and Fabrique Bakery, followed by shopping at Papercut (bookstore and mags) Nitty Gritty & Grandpa (menswear)

After shopping, eat at Meatballs for the People (cheap eat option) or Wood (slightly pricer)

Last stop, head to Moderna Museet, Stockholm's most famous modern art museum



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Love AirBnB? Us too. We'll find you that perfect, oh-so-authentic, feel-like-you-live-there spot   

This charming Airbnb was built in 1750 and is located just a few blocks from city center. At $78/night, your total comes to $328


Day 6 -8 August 22-24 - Bergen


Bergen a city located in Norway surrounded by fjords. Monday and Wednesday are mostly travel days, but Tuesday you'll spend exploring Sognefjord, Norway's most famous fjord. We've booked the Sognefjord in a Nutshell tour through Ford Tours. This day trip departs Bergen at 8am, takes you by boat to Flåm, then the Flam railroad takes you to Myrdal and then the Bergen Railway back to Bergen. You will be completely taken by the vast beauty of the mountains, waterfalls and scenic forests and get a full look at the 2nd largest fjord in the world. You'll love it. Confirmation and additional details have been e-mailed to you, total for 2 people is $408



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copenhagen lodging

Hotels in Copenhagen are notoriously pricey, but this place is a total gem

Hotel Danmark - This boutique hotel has a complimentary wine hour, need I say more? at $217/night, your total for three nights will be $651

Day 8 - August 24 (Evening) - Copenhagen

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Dinner at Oyster & Grill , a trendy fish and steak spot

 Followed by Himmeriget, a beer driven 'dive' bar

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Day 9 - August 25 - Copenhagen

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Start at Cafe Atelier September, the cutest local breakfast spot

Walk to Indre By, the main walking street in Copenhagen, then shopping at a laundry list of great spots - Won HundredMagasin Du Nord, Norse Project, StormHan Kjøbenhavn. Hay House and Wood Wood are real stars

Street food at Papiroeen, it's like a Smorgasburg, a very appropriate visit for brooklynites. After lunch stop by Edition a leading lithography studio. Then chic dinner at Host, they have a prix-fixe for $55/person

End the night at wine bar Ved Stranden 10

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Day 10 - August 26 - Copenhagen

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Breakfast at Central Hotel & Cafe, a one room hotel, with a tiny neighborhood cafe

Either hit up Tivoli Garden, the oldest amusement park in the world, and/or check out the Botanical Garden. Then lunch at the high-end farmers market Torvehallerne and dinner at Osteria 16 for Italian small plates

End the night at Brønnum for cocktails or Cafe Intime if you are feeling adventurous and in the mood for live music

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Day 11 - August 27 - Copenhagen


Brunch at Granola Cafe, you'll want to make friends with all the patrons

Last stop, head to a Museum. Thorvaldsen–entirely sculptures by Bertel Thorvaldsen, but pleasing to the eye. Or Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which is really on the up and up, but be forewarned, it’s 20 miles north of the city, directions here

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We provide a budget breakdown, so you'll know what will be charged to your card upfront, and what you have left to spend
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In your itinerary you'll be able to make as many edits as there are days in your trip. For example, since this trip is 11 days, you could make up to 11 edits at no additional cost. Add-ons can be found here